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Dr. Ritvo is an internationally-known psychiatrist, author, and speaker practicing in Miami Beach, Florida.


Dr. Eva Ritvo has over 20 years’ experience empowering and transforming men and women, spanning everyone from young adults to executives. Known as “the doctor’s doctor”, she has even provided treatment for other psychiatrists, as well as providing services for elite athletes, celebrities, and government agencies.  

She is the coauthor of two books and multiple book chapters and frequently appears in TV, radio, and print, including Men’s Health Magazine, Parenting Magazine, and Psychology Today.



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    Personal Branding and Brain Science – my article on Psychology Today

    How do we harness personal branding for happier brains? Check out our article on Psychology Today, where Jessica Kizorek interviews me on personal branding and brain science.

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  • 10 Year Olf Fan From Naples Florida Heat Bird Man

    NBA Finals – Heat & Spurs & DOPAMINE! (And check out this great 10 year old Heat fan!)

    The anticipation builds here at the 2013 NBA Finals. We’re in Miami, and we’re rooting for the Heat! Anticipation, group interaction, and mirror neurons are all hard at work here in the stadium–all working to boost dopamine and oxytocin, which is adding up to some [...]

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  • Miami Heat V San Antonio Spurs 618133

    Miami Heat Playoff Win, the Fans, and the Dance of Hormones

    The Miami Heat’s American Airlines Arena was packed with thousands of rabid fans, ready to see their beloved Heat trounce the San Antonio Spurs. Did I just say trounce? Hmm, that’s not a very nice thing to say, is it? Time to explore the role [...]

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  • Dr. Eva Ritvo’s profile is up!

    Eva Ritvo, MD, is a mom of two and a psychiatrist in Miami Beach, FL. She is the author of The Concise Guide to Marriage and Family Therapy and the coauthor of The Beauty Prescription. Dr. Ritvo is also a frequent contributor to Her tips are featured in The Mommy [...]

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  • 11 Feel Better Tips

    Exercise! Find something you love and do it almost everyday! The endorphins will make you feel fabulous and you will be battling the aging process in the best way we know how. Focus on the half full part of life. This will brighten your mood [...]

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  • Post-baby nookie

    by Brie Gatchalian, Yes, the baby is a gift. But don’t lose sight of why you and your spouse got together in the first place. “Make time to keep the spark alive. They say good sex begins for a woman when she wakes up, [...]

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  • Collaborative Couples Therapy

    An Individual Psychotherapeutic Approach For Couples by Michael Hughes and Eva Ritvo ABSTRACT Objective: Relationship problems with a spouse or a significant other, are a major reason for seeking mental health care. Most are seen in individual treatment although conjoint psychotherapy, seeing the couple together, [...]

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  • Study: Antidepressants Do Little for Mild Cases

    by Gwen Belton, Each year millions of prescriptions for antidepressants are written in the U.S. for people with mild to severe forms of depression. Now a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association says fake pills or placebos given to [...]

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  • Beauty and the Brain

    by Jill Bauer, Miami Magazine Third-generation doctor Eva Ritvo, vice chair and associate professor in the Miller School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, was raised by psychiatrists. “There was a lot of lively conversation around our dinner table,” she recalls. “I was [...]

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  • Attitude is Everything–even affects your health!

    by Chris Iliades, MD If you want to live a longer life, start with positive thinking. Learning how to be an optimist can make your heart and your mind healthier. Eva Ritvo, MD, vice chair of the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the [...]

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